INESC TEC organized the Co-creation workshop in Portugal

In March 2023, INESC TEC organized a dynamic Co-creation workshop as part of the Erasmus+ TRIO project in Porto, Portugal. The primary objective of this workshop, part of Project Result 2, was to identify the most challenging learning topics within digital, health, and data literacy for specific target groups.

Ten participants, comprising four women and six men, representing various age groups within the TRIO project, actively collaborated with facilitators to apply the co-creation methodology. Together, they worked towards establishing implementation priorities for the TRIO Educational Platform. Participants had the opportunity to ask questions, provide valuable feedback, share observations, and offer suggestions on educational content and functionality.

The workshop unveiled interesting insights regarding game preferences among different groups. The results revealed a lack of homogeneity in game choices. However, all participants demonstrated a solid grasp of various game types and expressed a keen interest in diversifying game options to cater to different difficulty levels.

The TRIO project partners are grateful for the valuable knowledge gained during the workshop. The feedback received from participants will be thoughtfully integrated into the platform and subsequent project outcomes. This collaborative approach ensures that the TRIO Education Platform evolves and adapts to effectively meet the evolving needs of its users.