CETEM organized the Co-creation workshop in Spain

In March 2023, engaging co-creation workshops were conducted with target groups in Spain as part of the TRIO project. These workshops, led by a facilitator, involved a total of 9 participants, with 6 women and 3 men representing different TRIO age groups. Each group consisted of 3 participants, and all sessions took place in Yecla.

The workshops employed an appropriate methodology that engaged participants through various stages. Starting with icebreaker games to create a lively atmosphere, the workshops progressed to problem understanding, group discussions, and exchanging experiences through brainstorming with the aid of specially designed cards. Every exercise and game adhered to the templates and methodology established by the project partnership. All results were carefully documented through photographs and subsequently analysed.

The co-creation workshops proved to be an invaluable means of connecting with citizens and gaining insights into their main difficulties within the project’s focus areas and age groups. The outcomes of these co-creation workshops hold significant value in the development of the TRIO learning platform. The insights gained enable the project team to address functional issues and tailor the platform’s content to meet the specific preferences and needs of each age group.

By incorporating these valuable conclusions, the TRIO project remains committed to delivering an engaging and effective learning experience.