Three successful TRIO workshops from AFEdemy!

The international project TRIO – funded by Erasmus+ – focuses on the design of an online learning programme to improve digital, health and data literacy among adults.   To test the new learning platform, AFEdemy held three separate workshops.  A separate workshop was held for each age group. In this way, invaluable new insights were gathered!

During the different sessions, a recurring theme emerged: information overload on digital platforms. While participants found the content engaging, they agreed that more visuals, such as images or videos, would improve comprehension and retention, increasing the overall impact of the material. It is worth noting that despite limited familiarity with certain terms such as ‘URL’, most of the information was clear to participants.

A common challenge was the clarity of the questions asked, which occasionally led to misconceptions in the answers given. However, the enthusiasm shown during the workshops underlined the importance of TRIO in informing and empowering citizens about healthcare practices and protocols.

The collected insights and areas for improvement are now being processed. The results of the project will be presented on 11 June 2024 in Leiden.