The TRIO project results were multiplied in Porto, Portugal, for over 100 participants.

A TRIO multiplier event took place in Portugal on May 7th, 2024, aligned with the International Conference on Building Sustainable and Participatory Environments. This event was co-organized by SHINE 2Europe and the University of Porto, with the primary aim of creating a global exchange network to disseminate the project’s outcomes among various stakeholders.

The TRIO project aims to develop a upskilling pathway to enhance the health, digital, and data literacy of adults of all ages, thereby promoting adult education through the development of digital readiness, resilience, and capacity. Over the past two years, TRIO has adopted a modular approach, producing a manual, curriculum, and a complete toolkit for adult educators. These resources are supported by a digital learning platform designed to adapt to the progressing needs of users, technology, and contexts. Additionally, a Green Paper is being prepared to be delivered to policymakers and relevant European initiatives.

The Conference brought together local, national, and European decision-makers, as well as professionals and volunteers from organizations working with older adults and adult educators. Maria Van Zeller, representing INESC TEC, delivered a presentation focusing on TRIO’s results and its methodology to over 100 attendees , and TRIO was further discussed in the panel “Addressing literacies, skills & lifelong learning”, by Juliana Louceiro, of SHINE 2Europe.

Participants were very interested in the co-creation sessions held to build the platform content. And many of them commented about the learning platform showcased during Maria’s presentation. Further TRIO Multiplier events are scheduled to take place in partner countries, with the International Multiplier Event also scheduled for Porto, led by INESC-TEC.