In Spain, only 50% of older adults search info about Health topics.

In the TRIO project, partners are committed to empowering citizens of different ages and levels of education by providing an integrated approach to health, digital, and data competences and skills. This empowers individuals to navigate the world of eHealth effectively.
Through meticulous desk research and insightful interviews, the Spanish TRIO partners have conducted a comprehensive analysis of the current state of digital, health, and data literacy in Spain.
While digital literacy rates in Spain have increased significantly over the years, reaching up to 60%, it still falls short of the 80% target set in the 2025 Digital Agenda. The digital literacy gap is particularly evident among citizens aged 65 and above, who tend to use the internet less frequently, engage in online shopping and other transactions at a lower rate, and are often hindered by a lack of internet access, digital skills, equipment, and infrastructure.
Based on the findings of this desk research, it was possible to identify some learning needs, like regarding digital literacy, there is a need to provide training programs and tools to basic digital skills for accessing health information and services, particularly among older citizens.
Other learning needs and results are summarized in the national report.