58,8 % of German population has poor health literacy skills

In the TRIO project, partners are committed to empowering citizens of different ages and levels of education by providing an integrated approach to health, digital, and data competences and skills. This empowers individuals to navigate the world of eHealth effectively.
Through meticulous desk research and insightful interviews, the German TRIO partners have conducted a comprehensive analysis of the current state of digital, health, and data literacy in Germany.
Among the key findings, it is possible to highlight that, according to a recent study from 2021 by the University of Bielefeld, the average health literacy of the German population has deteriorated within the last seven years. It was found that about 58.8% of the German population have only low health literacy and it is unequally distributed with regard to socio-demographic variables.
Through interviews conducted, some major information and skill gaps have been identified in Germany. Besides skill differences between age groups or regarding other socioeconomic factors, the experts also mentioned specific individual biographies and technical experiences that can have a strong influence on how to understand and make use of digital (health) information.
Based on the findings of this desk research, it was possible to identify some learning needs. These results are summarized in the national report. https://trioproject.eu/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/TRIO_National-Report-Summary_Germany_final.pdf