SHINE Evaluated Educational Platform with Citizens

The healthcare system in Europe has been rapidly digitizing, but not all its users possess the necessary digital, health, or data literacy to keep up with this change. The TRIO project, in which SHINE 2Europe is a partner, has been developing various tools to help citizens improve these three competencies so that the healthcare system is accessible to everyone.

TRIO, funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ program, has been developing a manual, a Green Book to be delivered to policymakers and relevant European initiatives, and a complete toolkit for adult educators, supported by a digital learning platform.

This platform was evaluated by citizens of various ages in two workshops promoted by SHINE 2Europe on June 4th. Eight participants aged 26 to 70, with different educational backgrounds, were divided into two groups. The first group consisted of working-age individuals with higher digital literacy, while the second group included older individuals with lower digital literacy who would need more support from the session facilitator.

The results were unanimous: participants reported that they could learn healthier habits and ideas to improve their lifestyle through this platform. They found the topics presented on the platform useful for people of any age, although it can sometimes be difficult for older people to acquire the digital skills needed to independently put what they learn into practice, often due to a lack of resources such as tablets, Android phones, or even internet access. Examples include teleconsultations or purchasing health products online. The older participants learned that these possibilities exist but do not always manage to perform these actions independently, despite considering that “it’s never too late to learn.”

All platform evaluators considered the warning about fake news found daily on the internet to be very important, as well as the sensationalist writing style that leaves people less informed about false situations. This is also an issue that participants believe should be prevented across all age groups by showing them how to search for reliable information and which sites or applications to use for accurate health information.

Finally, participants believe that a gaming platform is always an easy way to learn, but the manual developed by the TRIO project is also an easy way to get information to older people.