ISIS organized the Co-creation Workshop in Frankfurt  

ISIS organized the Co-creation Workshop of the Erasmus+ TRIO project in Frankfurt (Germany). In February and March, the ISIS team conducted three co-creation workshops with the different age and target groups of the project (ages 18-35, 36-50, 50+). The aim of the workshops was to identify the most difficult learning topics for the respective target groups in the areas of digital, health and data literacy. In addition, the assignment to different types of media and games was used to find out in which way certain learning contents have to be conveyed for the respective age group. 

Particularly exciting was the fact that the difficulties of the different age groups differed only slightly. For example, the assessment of which websites and information are trustworthy, how to protect one’s health data from access, the ability to recognise which digital health services are better than others or the ability to understand diagnoses were selected as difficulties by all target groups interviewed.  This coincided with the current desk research results of major studies and statistics from Germany investigated by ISIS. 

The participants were very interested in the workshops, which led to insightful discussions within the group. Even the tricky last task of pairing the difficulties with possible forms of learning was solved creatively by the participants. This brought together some new ideas on how to successfully address the difficult topics in digital, health and data literacy.   

ISIS thanks all participants once again for their time and assessments!