In the Netherlands, 30% of social media posts about health topics contain misinformation.

In the TRIO project, partners are committed to empowering citizens of different ages and levels of education by providing an integrated approach to health, digital, and data competences and skills. This empowers individuals to navigate the world of eHealth effectively.

Through meticulous desk research and insightful interviews, the Dutch TRIO partners have conducted a comprehensive analysis of the current state of digital, health, and data literacy in The Netherlands. The findings present essential factors that influence citizens’ capacity to effectively engage with health information.

In the year 2021, it was determined that 79% of the Dutch population between the ages of 16 to 74 possesses basic or above-basic digital skills. The Netherlands is therefore very close to achieving the European target of 80% digital proficiency by 2030. However, despite this progress, 30% of social media posts about health topics still contain misinformation. In this regard, the Dutch partners emphasized the need to improve eHealth skills, particularly among individuals aged 50 and above.

As a conclusion of this analysis, a list of suggested learning needs, divided into target groups, was presented.

The results are summarized in the national report